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July 2007

Add a Different Header or Footer to the Last Page in MS Word

I’ve been working on a Word document where I wanted the footer to output different text on the first and last pages.  It’s pretty easy to have the first page content be different.  “File” – “Page Setup” – “Layout” tab […]

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Edward Tufte Retrospective

I had the great fortune to attend the two day course by Edward Tufte presented in Palo Alto on Thursday and Friday of last week.  In this course, Mr. Tufte did a chapter by chapter review of all four of his […]

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Stereo Wireless Headset with my Phone and PC

A while back, I purchased the BlueAnt X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset (http://www.myblueant.com/x5_stereo_bluetooth_headset_headphones_a2dp.htm).  This headset works great with my mobile phone which supports A2DP so I can enjoy my tunes in stereo, then switch over to voice mode for talking, and […]

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Overview of Going from Concept to Development

A friend of my wife was inquiring about the process of turning an idea and content into an application or website.  Below is an excerpt of the email I sent to her about the process. Once you get to the […]

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